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Beyond the Virtual Classroom

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Creating a class wiki and using blogs to promote literacy


An online workshop by Claire Amos





The aim of today's workshop is to simply introduce you to a few ways that you could use a class wiki and/or blogs to both support and extend your class.


Feel free to move through the workshop at your own pace! Don't rush, you can always come back to this online workshop later. Why not save it to your favourites now!


Part A: Presentation of project and findings


Ulearn Presentation 2009


1) Check out the outine for my e-fellowship project here.


2) Check out my reflective blog that I completed throughout the project here.


3) Check out the student blogs for 11 English and 11 English Advanced



Part B: Looking at wikis and blogs in action


4) Check out my Year 13 English wiki. This is an example of how I use a wiki with a senior class. My suggestion is that you set a few basic webquests that they do on the computers at school, this will get them using it much more quickly and effectively than if you just tell them the email address.


5) Click here to see how an example of a very basic Richard III webquest and the findings that my students posted in 2007, and a way you could get students to process online documents here.


6) Check out how you get students to complete an independent novel study - this is still a work in progress, so not all studyguides have been uploaded.


7) Check out some wikis from other curriculum areas:


Part C: Creating your own class wiki using pbworks


8) Create your own! Click here to go to pbworks. Pbworks provide free wikis which also offer some great templates specifically for the classroom.


9) Add a student Wiki etiquette page, simply click Wiki Etiquette and copy and paste the info onto your wiki!


10) Direct your students to this page if you would like them to create their own wiki


11) Check out some more great teacher wiki resources and links by clicking here. 


Remember you can always come back to this workshop -simply add it to your favourites now.




Want to find out more? 


Check out Fiona Grant's ICT in English blog by clicking here. 


or check out what the other efellows have been doing here.


Some useful Basic Wiki Tips

Tip - Copy and paste these instructions onto the front page of your wiki!


1) Creating new pages

Put the wiki page into Edit Page mode
Type in the title you want the new page to have
Highlight the title and select the Link button on the toolbar
Go straight down and hit OK
Hit Save
Click on the new page title/link
Hit Create New Page at the bottom of the page
You can edit your new page.

2) Attaching a file

Put the page in Edit Page mode
Place the cursor where you want the file link to go
Ensure you have the file saved as the title you want as this will show as the link
Go up to the tool bar and select the Attach File button, this will bring up a an instruction box
Select browse, select your file, hit upload, when it is uploaded, hit OK
Hit Save

3) Providing links to websites

Go to the website page you want to attach, highlight the address and hit your right mouse button and hit copy
Go to the wiki page and put page in Edit Page mode
Type in the title you want as the link
Highlight the title and select the link button from the tool bar
Change link type to URL go to blank URL box just below, right click and hit paste
Hit OK
Hit Save


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at 7:10 am on Oct 1, 2009

great powerpoint Claire! have fun at Ulearn

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