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Differentiating for Learning Profile - Workshop One

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Workshop One

An online workshop by Claire Amos




Welcome to workshop one. This is designed to be run as an online workshop. You will need to print off, or save the webquest worksheet. The workshop can be completed independently and is accessible at all times.


If you have any trouble accessing any of the links below, or simpley wish to make a suggestion or comment, please contact Claire Amos by clicking here.







During this Web Quest you will find a little more about


three approaches to determining student Learning Styles. 


You will need your Learning Profile Web Quest handout to complete the quest.

You can get a copy of the handout by clicking here.


1) Complete the boxes on your handout with the headings VARK, Sternberg and Gardner.   

You will be able to find the information by following the links below.


To learn more about VARK click here

To Learn more about Sternberg click here

To learn more about Gardner click here

To Learn more about Visual - Spatial click here


2) VARK is often used because it can be organised into three or four learning styles. Take the test and see what Learning Style you have by clicking here. What is your Learning Preference?


3) There are many Learning Profile Factors that you might like to consider when Differentiating your lesson for Learning Profile. Have a look at a range of factors you could consider by clicking here. This diagram is also in your text (page 61). What are the four areas?


4) If you click on the subject headings below you can see an example of a lesson differentiated for learning profile. Look at each and determine the Learning Profile Factors they have used to design their lesson plans (e.g VARK, Sternberg, Gardner or other).





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