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Workshop Three

Page history last edited by Claire Amos 12 years, 8 months ago

Workshop Three

An online workshop by Claire Amos






Planning a lesson Differentiated for Learning Profiles


Use the links below to view and/or save some useful planning documents.


To see a sample lesson plan Differentiated for Learning Profiles, click here.

To see the explanations for each part of the sample lesson plan, click here.

To get your own blank lesson planning sheet, click here.


The material provided here is simple only one example of lesson planning for a differentiated lesson. If you would like to see some different approaches to planning lessons Differentiated for Learning Profiles, use the links provided below. Remember it is important to choose the approach that suits you, your students and your subject area!!!



Lesson Plan for Biology using Multiple Intelligences



Lesson Plan for History using Learning Styles



Lesson Plan for Algebra using Multiple Intelligences



Lesson Plan for Instrumental Jazz using Multiple Intelligences



Lesson Plan for Narrative Techniques using VARK



Lesson Plan for Physics using Learning Styles



Lesson Plan for Calculus using Multiple Intelligences



Lesson Plan for Media using VARK



Planning Checklist

  • Have you given every student equal opportunity to learn the same key concept, skill or idea?
  • Are each of the tasks equally challenging?
  • Have you provided an anchor activity for students who finish early?

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